Editing Services

I am available for editing school papers, essays, short and long-form fiction, literary non-fiction, and more. The rates below are subject to change. All academic editing services are offered with the understanding that academic integrity will be maintained and no breech of educational contract has been committed by paying for an editing service.

Includes: Proofreading, language and composition, assessment of plot/argument, academic tone, style, formatting, and feedback

Academic Rates

Up to one page


Up to five pages


All academic editing must be accompanied by a prompt from the class, application, etc, explaining the purpose and requirements. This will also act as a form of proof of matriculation and thus qualification for student rates.

Up to two pages


Additional pages
Two dollars per additional page

A note: while I was in college, I was extraordinarily grateful to those who gave me advice and editing. I wish to return the favor; “the price for a great community is community service*,” and that, for me, is a small price to pay.

General Rates

Up to one page


Up to five pages


General rates are for any essays, reports, short-form fiction, etc. For long-form writing, please see the long-form rates.

Up to two pages


More than five pages
Three dollars per additional page UP TO 15 pages. For anything past 15 pages, see the Long-form rates.

Long-Form Editing

Writing between 10,000-40,000 words

More lengths will become available as demand warrants. Currently, the longest editing forms I am willing to take on are listed. This is subject to change.

Short Novel
Writing between 40,000-60,000 words

A note: Long-form writing rates are calculated in price per word. As many publishing houses and other editorial boards calculate rates this way, it offers an industry standard rate scale.

*As quoted from professor and proptologist, Jay Duckworth.