And Have a Pleasant Tomorrow

And Have a Pleasant Tomorrow is a collection of short stories centering around four different journalists in the far future. Each story is set in a different version of the future, with new tech, new governments, and even cyborg crows. I am working on a compilation of all the stories into an e-zine that one might flip through (if one desired a nice flip).

“Kingdom for a Bias”

The US government was nearly overthrown by a media-fueled revolution, and took drastic action against journalism. Human reporters, editors, and anchors have been replaced by robots and androids, all with one important function; the elimination of bias.

“No Money, More Problems”

The American dollar created a worldwide catastrophe; the system was completely eradicated, and the US now operated without money. But journalist Lillian Smith gets a tip that something is rotten in the union, and finds herself chasing a story that could bring down the whole country.

“The Respected Profession”

Journalism has catapulted to the most respected occupation in the US. Danny Finnegan is the anchor for the 4:00 AM broadcast, when he gets the opportunity of a lifetime…or the last story of a lifetime.

“Do Cyborgs Dream of Electric Crows?”

Hacker-turned-journalist Karenina Arelia is trying to gain a foot in her competitive outlet, when a lead on a bio-altering ring hits her right in the face – literally. With the help of her boyfriend and a cyborg crow named Jedediah, she hunts down the ominous Giovanni and his gang.