Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am so glad I get to be home for today. I myself am somewhere between 30-40% Irish, and I love little facets of Irish culture. Below is a picture of my claddagh ring. They were traditional Irish wedding rings. From what I read, they functioned as pre-Facebook relationship statuses. So if the ring is:

Right hand, pointing out: Single

Right hand, pointing in: In a Committed relationship (ie, how mine is currently)

Left hand, pointing out: Engaged

Left hand, pointing in: Married

The crown on top symbolizes loyalty, the hands show friendship, and the heart is, shockingly, love. They are traditionally solid, with no gem, but in modern times you can find them with any stone at all. Mine, for instance, is a green-tinted cubic zirconium (from the Irish Castle shop on Geary St. in SF). Cubic Zirconium is the April birthstone, and April is my boyfriend’s birthday month. My younger cousin also has one, but no telling which way it’s pointing!

I’ll also be making Irish Soda Bread today. My family makes plain bread, without nuts or dried fruit or other such options. I have been informed that my bread is the best in the family (I’m kind of a big deal, guys). At our get-together tonight, we apparently will have corn beef! I’m psyched.

Now, to be clear, my family is very Irish but we don’t really celebrate it. I am probably the most gung-ho Irish person in the whole clan. I have been to Ireland once, when I was 8, but I desperately want to go back. One day!

So, for all those TL;DR people – Happy St. Paddy’s. Eat lots. Drink Responsibly. Erin Go Bragh.


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