Intense Impatience and Still Trying

So it’s like less than 48 hours until I go home and I am really, really impatient. I want to see my cat and wallow until my boyfriend comes back in to town (mostly kidding). I have my last presentation tomorrow and I’m feeling okay about it. I mean, I probably should have practiced more but fuck it. Anyhoo, the presentation is running smoothly the way we practiced it, it’s just a matter of transitions and public speaking.

Open Mic Night was this weekend! I did my personal piece from Mending and I was real happy with it. I’ll open next year with my song again, and I’ll post those videos with my first vlogs.

Hey remember when long distance relationships didn’t suck? Me either. Okay so we’re not really far apart, like our friends are, but it still really sucks. I feel bad complaining cause I know there are people who will read this (Gio) and scoff at the month-and-a-half-long separation anxiety, because they haven’t seen their SO in about 3 months. But it still hurts, you know? It’s still valid. Also I am not calling Gio out cause he’s an asshole, he just likes to scoff.

Anyway, back to regularly scheduled programming. I am still trying in Overwatch, but I’m trying to branch out. I like Zenyada but his mechanics are still clunky for me, and Mercy is fun but she is solidly someone else’s main and I can’t steal her too. I don’t think anyone mains Zen though, so I might just swoop him. I rocked Widow today though!

G10 posted a video a few days ago that partners with his Overwatch Legendary video. This most recent one is a short of all the times they failed to beat Legendary. It’s pretty good, although I still say Mercy would be real cold in that outfit. Donate a jacket to her by watching the video here (No jackets will actually be given as the witch skin does not accommodate them)

Melissa and I for Open Mic. We look fresh to death and I did my own makeup for the first time!

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