Super Cool Things List June 5

DISCLAIMER: Everything below this announcement is purely opinion. If you don’t agree, that’s cool. If you do agree, even better. If you decide to be rude about anything on this list or anyone else’s opinions, bite me.

Favorite Song to Dance Badly To: “Love is Blind” by Nick Fradiani. Seriously, I can’t stop listening to it…send help….

Favorite New “Thing:” Comics. I missed that boat as a kid and now I have a friend who works at a comic book store. The Old Guard and East of West are awesome!

Favorite TV Show to Creepily Obsess Over: Doctor Who SEASON TEN IS EFFING MAGNIFICENT YOU GO BBC!!!

Favorite Quote: “That’s Nardole. He’s not my fault.” – The Doctor

Favorite Movie I was Deprived Of Previously; The X-Men series. Yes. I just watched them for the first time.Those early 2000’s graphics though.

Favorite Things I Bought This Weeks: The Urban Decay lipstick in Insanity. I don’t wear a lot of makeup (certainly not such expensive makeup) but it’s very neutral and I look damn good.

Favorite Overwatch Character lately; Sombra. Although I’ll stop talking now, because propaganda is useless.

FAVORITE G10 VIDEO (HE’S BAAAACK): Bottomless Clips – Overwatch Funtage – Overwatch #11

PS – I will be posting another video (about this post) shortly.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 6.58.12 PM
“A Significant Otter: Super Cool Things Lists” in Gallifreyan, in honor of Doctor Who.

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