Summer Fun and Superheroes

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I did a regular post, I got a bit fancy with all the SCTLs and the Doctor’s Note video. I will be doing more of those too, but I thought a nice ramble would be a good intermission.

So I went to a Train concert last weekend! I have loved Train for years, and I saw them on their Mermaid Tour, at the America’s Cup Pavilion no less. They were amazing then, and they were beyond amazing this time for the Play That Song tour. I got to go with my boyfriend, Gio, Gio’s girlfriend and our good friend Mary, and Melissa. Natasha Bedingfield and O.A.R. opened; Melissa shed tears during Natasha Bedingfield, sho did a rendition of “Purple Rain” that was stupendous. Train played all my favorite songs from previous albums as well as ones from the new one, and part of the encore was “Under Pressure” with a wonderful tribute to Freddie Mercury in the form of a projected in-concert video. The only less-amazing part to this whole trio was that I got home at 3:00 AM, and had work in the morning, but I got a solid 6 hours.

I work Sundays at a bakery downtown called Bump City, and I adore it. Bump City is all gluten-free, with some things being vegan as well. Now, to be clear, I am neither of these, nor is the owner, but I love seeing people come in and watch their faces light up when I say that they can eat everything in the store. Plus, the owner does a wonderful job making sure that all of her food tastes just as good, if not better, than regular items. This Press Democrat article features her cupcakes, but explains more about the business as a whole. So, if you’re in town on a Sunday, stop by!

The drive that my dad and I took out to Drake’s Bay a while ago gave me a great idea for a new story. I don’t know what form it will take yet, but I’m working on character development.

ALSO GOOD EATS IS PROBABLY COMING BACK, AND THE DOCTOR IS NOW A WOMAN AND I AM SO STOKED. I went to see Spider-Man: Homecoming and Wonder Woman in the last two weeks as well. Spider-Man was very funny, and I enjoyed the human aspect of it, which I’m beginning to see is Marvel’s shtick (remember, I’m just getting into this whole comics thing). But Wonder Woman, holy mother of god. I have always loved that hero, even though I rarely got to read a comic on her. When I was little I loved to imagine being her, because she has lasso of truth! How cool is that?? Also, totally in love with Gal Gadot.  I will be doing a video on Feminism with Wonder Woman as a catalyst, so look for that!
Gio had a new video come out either last night or today (I don’t know, YouTube doesn’t always update me), so you should watch my humiliation in Clueless: TTT#2

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