Super Cool Things List August 30

DISCLAIMER: Everything below this announcement is purely opinion. If you don’t agree, that’s cool. If you do agree, even better. If you decide to be rude about anything on this list or anyone else’s opinions, bite me.

Favorite TV Show: Either Last Week Tonight or Game of Thrones. Although, Good Eats is coming back, so it’s a great time to be alive

Favorite Thing About My Apartment: Having a real kitchen. I’m actually cooking for myself, guys, are you proud?

Favorite Treat: Anything from Paris Bakery here in Monterey. They have these palmiers that are so good, I bought 10 of them the last time I was there. I do NOT have a problem.

Favorite New Class: It’s a tie between Feminist Theories and Methods, and Gender and US Histories. I’m so hyped. Burn the Patriarchy.

Favorite Cute Long Distance Thing: The company Knock Knock makes these checklist pads, and one of them is called “What I Love About You Today.” You can check boxes, write notes, and mail them to your long-distance SO. It’s quick, but sentimental.


Favorite Strange thing I heard: “Okay but how do you get Bill from William?? Wouldn’t it be… BILLIAM?! HAHAHAAAA!” – Melissa, completely sober, discovering that “Bill” is short for “William.”

Favorite G10 Video: He’s done a few: TTT: Death by PIG!!, Crash Test Dummies – PUBG #3, and College Grounds – PUBG Commentary. He also posted this video on his Instagram that got almost 3,000 views?? MY BEST FRIEND IS FAMOUS??

A 20-year-old woman cracking up over a common nickname. I love this dork.

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