New Page!

Hey guys! I just launched my new page, Written Works. It contains all my writing that I would like to force out onto the world. I included my capstone project stories here, so for those of you I told about it, you can read them here. I’m very excited about this page, and I will keep updating and working on it in the future!

Side note, I will also be putting out more content soon, BECAUSE I GRADUATED! IT HAPPENED! This includes the May Book Report and a SCTL for May and April. And please check out Content Creators for updates on all content.

I am streaming at BadgerPride96 on Twitch now; it’s a little funky, I only have one monitor so I gotta set up my laptop on the desk and it’s hard to see. Check out the Content Creators Haven’s Instagram (@contentcreatorshaven) for immediate updates when I go live!

The new Written Works tab is off and running!

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