Fun Updates and Crushing Boredom

So 10-year-old me would never had dreamed of saying this, but I’m starting to think that 2 months for Winter Break is a bit excessive. It’s my own fault, I didn’t have finals so I came home a week early. This in turn makes me a terrible best friend, as it turns out, as my dear sister had finals and I “abandoned” her. Anyway, I am certainly ready to go back to school. Bite me, 2007.

I’ll be going to the San Francisco Women’s March on Saturday. I’m really interested in it, and I’ll be bringing my new camera to get some cool pictures. We got t-shirts and everything. I really want to write more about women’s rights; perhaps an investigative piece….

It has come to my attention that I am now one of those people who constantly posts pictures of my cat on Instagram. I have three very good reasons for doing so:

  1. My cat, Amy, is flipping adorable.
  2. She is not really my cat. She is my mom’s, and therefore I will only be able to see her so much, so I’m getting my time’s worth of pictures.
  3. My boyfriend is already back at school or it would be stupid pictures of him instead. The cat is a nice substitute.

So, in short, Cat Haters can also bite me.

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