Back to school and stressed out

So, I’ve headed on back to Monterey with my fellow Otters. My last few weeks at home were, as in my last post, not exactly exciting. But I did go to the Women’s March in SF. If you have never been to a march, I urge you to find one! Now! This instant!

Seriously, being part of a 100,000-person crowd is incredible. It really was as though there was one body and one mind. I realize that sounds cheesy but I have never been part of something so monumental, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Also, Joan Baez performed, which was incredible. She is such an icon of the resistance mindset, it was a huge honor to see her live and so close.

I finally built my PC! Well, when I say “I,” I mean I bought all the parts and my boyfriend and best friend put it together. I did help; I stood there, handed them things, and tried to learn things. My other best friend hung out (literally) in my hammock across the room. She had a fantastic time not listening to us.

Anyway, as I’m sure everyone can relate, this semester is already kicking my ass. I only have one job and four classes, but still two radio shows PLUS Mending Monologues. It’s a week and a half in, but I’m already stressed out. But the Otter Realm is looking strong, I adore most of my classes, and Mending will end the last weekend in March, so the going will get easier. I’m already halfway done with college, you guys! How freaky is that??

I’m going to try and update at least once a week. So next week, check back for my eye exam, my sanity, and hopefully other things relevant to your interest.

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