Bracelets and New Ideas

I have found a new way to spend my money, and a sudden spark of motivation is helping me investigate depression as an issue to be addressed.

So I recently found this really cool website of jewelry. To be clear, I wear a lot of jewelry (4 rings, two necklaces, and 2 sets of earrings) but all of it has symbolic meaning. Both necklaces, for instance, connect to my boyfriend, as does my claddagh ring. Rings are probably my favorite form of jewelry. They’re subtly expressive, and can be mixed and matched in an incredible variety of ways. This site, Pura Vida Bracelets, is a charity company. Some bracelets represent different issues, and proceeds go to charities associated with alleviating those issues. They also have some clothing, purses, necklaces….and rings! There’s a beautiful wave ring that I am looking forward to receiving. The best part is that all the jewelry is quite cheap. I just signed up to be a rep for them (hence, this description), but I really would recommend them to everyone. Yes, gentlemen, even you.

Also; a kind reader commented that they were drawn to a post of mine because of the depression tag. While not a cheery subject, I seem to be drawn to people with anxiety and depression, and ALL of them are college-age millennials. That’s really alarming to me, and I desperately would like to investigate. Thus, I will be posting a blog entry in the future, exploring depression through the eyes of those who suffer from it, why so many young people are afflicted, and how to handle the situation as someone who cares for a depressed person (romantically, familial, or otherwise). I hope to learn a lot, and hopefully I can help people who need to know.

In a similar vein, this post will be part of a social justice category of blogs, focusing on the raging issues affecting the world today. If you have an issue you would like to see, please write me on Letters to the Editor or comment on this post.

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