Heroes and Boyfriends

My boyfriend comes home tomorrow, I rant about the California school system, and I really should have brought my gaming computer home.

My boyfriend comes home tomorrow! In case you’re wondering, I haven’t seen him in a month and two weeks, so this is really exciting for me. *GUSH WARNING* We’ve been together for 3.5 years, and most of that has been either long distance or so busy we barely see each other. If you have ever had a person who has absolutely saved you from something, you’ll know this feeling. He basically dragged me away from the edge of depression and a downturn of drastic proportions. He’s currently at Cal Poly, studying things that will make money (not journalism…).

Cal Poly, while a CSU, is the only one that’s on the quarter system, and it’s DRIVING ME NUTS. Honestly, just put all the CSU’s on one system! I realize that causes problems, but if we’re being honest, the CSU system needs a huge overhaul in general. There is a potential 5% raise in tuition that the Board of Trustees is voting on right now, and it’s ludicrous. I understand that schools need more money, but maybe if they took the money that HAVE and use it for projects they actually NEED…(*cough* CSUMB *cough*).

Anyway. I’ve been playing Overwatch, and my best Friend (G10 – I know I’m plugging again I’m sorry) and I want to make our own cosplay of Overwatch heroes this summer, and we’re starting with Mercy! I get to model her (it’s cause I’m blonde and almost exactly the same body type and height, but without the badass wings and alarming sex appeal). I’ve been bored, so I’ve gotten started on some wing drawings to familiarize myself. Gio will be plastic printing, and I’ll be sewing. I’ll keep y’all updated.




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