Mending Monologues PSA

The first question people ask about Mending Monologues is; “Oh, haha, so it’s like the Penis Monologues, get it?” Very funny, I don’t think. It’s much more than a men’s version of Vagina Monologues.

So, Mending isn’t even about men. Sure, most of the pieces are written from the male perspective, but they aren’t about men. Mending Monologues talks about how sexual assault and rape effect EVERYONE. It effects husbands, friends, significant others, victims, and advocates. There is some aspect of sexual violence in your life. You don’t have to be a victim, but just by being aware of the danger, rape and assault are a factor.

The shows at Cal State Monterey Bay are March 30th and April 1 9 (Thursday and Saturday). Mending has become an institution on CSUMB’s campus. Some of the scripts were even written by former Otters.The tickets are $7 for CSUMB students and $10 for general admission.

I decided to try out for Mending on a whim. Poetry is an inextricable part of my life, and so I wrote a slam poem for the audition. That poem, Fire in My Veins, ultimately became my personal piece that I will perform in this show. I also have a scripted piece concerning statistics on sexual assault. I’m so grateful for the Mending family that I found. They are instrumental in building my confidence as a person, and for helping me define my own experiences with assault. I wouldn’t leave them for the world.Mending Digital Sign (2)

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