Rehearsals and Maximum Stress

Ok. Opening night for Mending. My stress levels are slowly climbing, but we’re still in that strange limbo of show day. Also Tyler keeps reading this over my shoulder, which is rather off-putting. BUT HE’S FANTASTIC AND I APPRECIATE HIS PRESENCE IN ALL SHAPES AND FORMS (thank you for stealing my computer, Tyler).

I am actually having massive amounts of fun. While Mending has taken up a considerable amount of time, but honestly I wouldn’t really be using that time for anything useful. I would say I’d be doing homework or editing or something responsible, but in all honesty I would be sitting in my hammock reading trashy novels or Hemingway (there isn’t any in between). I’ll be sad when Mending ends on Saturday, but I can do it again next year.

Heads up, G10 started a new campaign series on Mass Effect: Andromeda. He’s really enjoying it, so go check it out. The second video came out on Tuesday, but here’s the first one. Enjoy!

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