Curtains Down, and Production Week

Mending Monologues went really well, my nerdy ass goes to a party, and the Otter Realm starts up again after spring break!

So Mending Monologues had our closing show on Saturday, and it went fantastically well! My parents and my boyfriend came down for that show, along with my best friend from school. That almost made it more nerve wracking, because I knew people in the audience. But it all went smoothly, and we got to go to Blaze for pizza afterwards. My boyfriend and I then attended my first party ever (I am introverted geek who has episodes of Doctor Who to memorize, so not a lot of parties going on), in the form of the cast party. Maybe I’m uncultured, but I expected more craziness. We only stayed for like half an hour, though, so perhaps things ramped up. In any case a picture of the Mending Cast is below, excluding myself (as I am taking the picture) and Malcom, who was out on stage being the awesome director that he is. I will greatly miss these people, but I hope to see many of them next year!

The Otter Realm is going into production on Issue 4 (or Issue 10, if you’re counting through the whole year like my website does…). We have an extra week for this issue – 3 week cycle instead of 2 – so my editing schedule is all messed up. It does mean I get more time to relax, though. And we have a brilliant new production team, so I will only be designing one or two pages. I might actually get to go outside this weekend, you guys! I’ll be posting articles, Chief Eats and Editorial, on the Otter Realm tab next Thursday. Also, the issue titles on that page are hyperlinked to the PDF’s on the Otter Realm page, so you can see what that issue actually looks like.

I’ll be posting again tomorrow, hopefully, as that is my scheduled day. Hope Monday is treating you right (or at least, not terribly).

We are Mending!
The whole mending cast and crew (excluding Malcom and I) Backstage during Intermission of opening night. Check the description for all the names!

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