Adulting and Showtime

So I was a real adult today, and bought actual cleaning supplies (sponges and everything!). Did all my dishes, cleaned my bathroom top to bottom. My boyfriend will be thrilled, as he comes to visit this weekend. The floor got vacuumed, but the amount of blonde strands still lying around leaves something to be desired from that vacuum. BUT – I did devise a clever box system for holding all my dish soaps and dirty dishes (see below). It’s just an old box from my desktop parts, but I cut the flaps off and used them to make sections. This way, I know I have to do dishes when all the boxes fill up!

In other news, the opening show for Mending Monologues was thrilling! It went fabulously well; the audience was enthusiastic and appreciative of our efforts. My personal piece even got cheers! But by far the best part was all the encouragement I got from the cast. When I got back to the dressing room, I got congratulations and cheers from every single person. I couldn’t stop smiling. I cannot wait for tomorrow’s show; my parents and boyfriend will be there to watch!

My amazing feat of adult organization!

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