Major Rantings and Some Shoutouts

DISCLAIMER: Everything below this announcement is purely opinion. If you don’t agree, that’s cool. If you do agree, even better. If you decide to be rude about anything on this post or anyone else’s opinions, bite me.

Alright. So. This has been going around my head as of late. I am not putting it under “Social Justice” because it’s not really in that realm, but I think it’s really important for everyone (especially parents) to understand. I really want to stress this; GO TO COLLEGE FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. Seriously. It may seem like a no-brainer, but what you major in is up to you and you alone. Many people go into fields because they are expected to take over a family business, or because their family pressures them to, for monetary or social status reasons.

This is, respectfully, complete bullshit.

That sounds really harsh, I know. And there are some of you who will stop reading right now because you utterly disagree with me (probably parents. Sorry, but not sorry). But those of you who stick around, I appeal to you; why should you waste upwards of five years of your life on what someone else thinks is good for you? I don’t think they meant to do this, but my parents recently told me that I should reconsider social justice journalism in favor of science and technology writing. This comes with them completely disregarding the fact that social justice journalism is where my head and heart belong, and that I have zero interest in science and tech writing. Others have pressures to go into a completely different field of study than what they want.

While I will expand on this in a future post, I think this pressure is a large contributing factor to the depression of so many millennials. Certainly not everyone is fortunate enough to go to college, and there are hundred of other factors leading to depression and anxiety. But those of us who are lucky enough to be in university are sometimes literally just worried about if we have enough money for food or have enough time to sleep. We do not need the added stress from parents wanting us to be monetarily successful. We worked so hard to get here, we should be able to study whatever the hell we want. If our parents are so worried about us providing for ourselves, maybe they should remember that we need to leave their nest eventually, and that we are not them. And if the worry is that we cannot provide for them when they are older, perhaps they should have planned their retirement better. Just a thought.

Everyone deserves a chance in their life to become their own hero. So, take that major in music instead of engineering. Go into medicine instead of liberal arts. Do what makes you happy, because if you love what you do, you will find a way to make it pay the bills.

*deep inhale*

Right, so, also, my boyfriend’s birthday is tomorrow, so shoutout to him! To everyone who checked out this site, especially my uncle and Laan, you guys rock, and I miss you! Also, shoutout to Jas Murray for making my day and asking me for some book recs. I hope I was helpful, and I love giving people advice on books. Thanks bud! Also I will post another Favorites list at the end of this week.

3 thoughts on “Major Rantings and Some Shoutouts

  1. I find this blog post extremely offensive. People should do what they are born to do, which their parents know best. If your dad wants you to be a doctor, you better be a doctor, otherwise you should be disowned and thrown out on the street. If my kid didn’t become what I wanted, she would get the belt from her dad.


    1. I am sorry my post offended you. I realize we are on opposite ends of this issue, and I know that my opinion will be different than many people’s. I tend to be a very opinionated person, so for your future information, you may want to avoid my posts. Thank you for taking the time to reply, though.


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