Super Cool Things April 10

DISCLAIMER: Everything below this announcement is purely opinion. If you don’t agree, that’s cool. If you do agree, even better. If you decide to be rude about anything on this list or anyone else’s opinions, bite me.

Favorite Song To Badly Sing in the Car: “Makin Love With The Radio On” By Gavin Degraw. I really need to get that damn CD, because Melissa has it. Just like I always say; next time I go to Target…

Favorite Overwatch Character to Play Recently: Widowmaker. I really like snipers (I’m a SNOIPAH), so Widow is really fun to me. But I have yet to get good at playing her…or D.Va….or any character…in any game…ever…

Favorite Strange Thing I Heard Recently: “Gio knows that you’re denying my love. At least the tall one understands me. Maybe it’s a glasses thing.” -Melissa, on her lamenting that I said I was not actually dating her.

Favorite Weekend Excursion: My friend Bean (that’s not her real name but y’know, minors and such) and I went to Carmel and Pacific Grove on the weekend. I got to go to Tiffany & Co. on Ocean St., and then get really good baked goods at the Carmel Bakery. Plus the Good Old Days fair was happening in PG, so we went to that, and then to the beach, AND I SAW A WILD BABY OTTER AND ITS MAMA! IT WAS AWESOME!

Favorite Dinosaur: Stegosaurus, man. Their plates change color, and they’re really peaceful until you really make them mad and the WHAM the spikey tail smacks you in the face. If any dinosaur was a Hufflepuff, it’s these ones.

Favorite Place to Get Coffee: Right now, it’s Marina Donuts and Bagels. They have rockin’ coffee and a large is less than $2 so I’m happy.

Favorite Donut Shop: SLO Donut Co. Hands down the best donuts I’ve ever had. I get to go get them on Friday and I am so pumped ( I also get to see my boyfriend, but come on, donuts!).

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