Book Recs, Stress, and Green Thumbs

Alright, so, If you don’t like non-fiction, bear with me (I usually hate non-fiction too, I feel your pain). For one of my classes, we’re reading a book called Blink. It’s all about thinking without realizing you’re thinking, otherwise known as the subconscious. Malcom Gladwell writes as though he’s never explained anything more exciting. It’s as though you’ve asked him, “What’s the thing you are most passionate about?” and he seemed to think for a moment, and then began to tell a story. You’re almost tricked into enjoying the non-fictional aspect, or even the scientific aspects, because you’re enjoying the story. It’s fabulous.

It’s getting to that point in the semester where everyone is dead tired from stress and little sleep and all that. I haven’t talked to one person on campus who isn’t seriously worrying about handling everything. All I gotta say is, keep on going. We only have a month left, we can do it. Quarter system friends, I’m sorry we can’t say the same for you, but you can do it too. Only two more months for you guys (all my quarter system friends are hating me right now)!

Also, I got one of those $1 tiny plants from the bargain bins at Target. I love forget-me-nots, and they came in a really pretty blue pot. It’s sitting on my windowsill and I water it daily. I woke up this morning to find that one of the seeds has sprouted!! I’m really excited, but I’m not declaring success yet because I did manage to kill a succulent a few months ago. But I am really trying with this little plant. Maybe if it works out I’l go back for the bigger pail!

I AM PLUGGING NOW; The Otter Realm comes out tomorrow, so I’ll be updating that tab. G10 didn’t post yesterday but he is dealing with midterms so I don’t blame him. He is still trying to make 100 subs by the end of June so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE subscribe! He did post a Gary’s Mod Prop Hunt video the other day, I highly recommend it. I AM DONE PLUGGING THANK YOU GOOD NIGHT.

Seriously. Read this. It’s amazing.

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