Production Progress & Tumblr Tendency

So Production started for Issue 5 today. I don’t know how much I have to do yet, but hopefully it’s not too much that I can’t still visit G10 this weekend. It’s a balance now, because I’m trying for 20 hours a week for the whole month. After Issue 6, though, I probably can’t do that cause Production won’t cover it. I’m trying to save for something big; maybe a trip to Europe after Elek graduates, maybe a down payment on a house someday, or a new car (I love my current one though, so probably not). I have a problem with impulse buying though, so I’m really doing my best to budget now. I got a chalkboard calendar board today, and I’m tracking my spending on that.

UPDATE 4/25: So I got distracted writing this first part, and it’s now five days later. Production was a doozy, but the next one is the last one!! I will have had 20 hours a week, which is awesome. I did get to go see G10, and Melissa was there for most of the time too! We played some Undertale, which will hopefully become a video. (I’M PLUGGING NOW) He did put out another Cards Against Humanity video and a collection of Overwatch moments. Both are hilarious. Anyway, I will be posting more later this week!

Not an inaccurate description of Melissa and me.

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