Frantic Finals and Introducing Ideas

Group projects came from the pits of hell, I’m pretty sure. I have three of them right now, plus other homework and all the editing for the Otter Realm. I’m so grateful that school is ending in about 2 weeks, because if I had another month (sorry, quarter system friends) I would dissolve. But, on the plus side, I have no final tests. All I have are presentations and an essay, but the essay is on Blink, so I can certainly pull that off. One of the presentations is in my favorite class, but the other two are more difficult. One is just so long and complicated it’s ridiculous, and the other one is in Italian. Ma, e la vita.

Anyway, I’m having many ideas for this blog even though I probably don’t have time. I would like to turn the Favorites lists into a vlogging series, or at least take the favorite book or movie and do a video on them. I don’t want to make those lists too long so that way I can make them into videos that you don’t have to watch if you don’t have time. I also PROMISE to do those social justice posts soon. Seriously. I’m only a simple college student, so it will all have to wait until summer. But that’s only a few weeks away!

All my Pura Vida bracelets (left to right; Beach Life, Domestic abuse awareness, Depression awareness, Migraine awareness, Anxiety awareness, and Ocean Theme) and and the drawing of the tattoo I want.

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