Potter and Presentations

HARRY POTTER SPOILERS AHEAD: So yesterday was the 19th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. I know people are not necessarily as nerdy as I am about it, but this is real important to me (If you want regularly scheduled programming, scroll down). Anyway, the Battle of Hogwarts marked almost the end of an era for me. Harry Potter was such an incredible part of my childhood; Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the gang were my friends when real life didn’t cut it. Even now I still read them because they’re so good. The amount of people who connected with the series, and who love the series as a family and not books, is incredibly vast.

For those of you who were as invested as I am, the Battle of Hogwarts (especially the aftermath) was gut-wrenching. When I got to Lupin and Tonks I literally burst into tears. God that was awful. And Fred, god damnit. Every year, JK apologizes for one death. This year was Snape, and a lot of people are angry because of what a terrible person he was. But keep in mind, many people loved the tragedy of Snape’s life. There are those out there who think Lily Potter should have ended up with him. While I personally would never ship Lily with anyone but James, I respect other people’s ships. I’ll be doing a somewhat social action post on all the fandom stuff later, too.

Back to regularly scheduled programming: I finished my second of 3 presentations for finals today. We totally aced it, got a 10/10! I had a really calm, collected group too. I have one more next Thursday, which I am less confident about right now. It’s a long presentation (25-35 minutes, approx.) and I don’t like the class. One more week, guys, one more week. Sorry, Quarter-system friends.

UPDATE: I posted new photos over in Photography!

Hungry Otter
This is the food truck at CSUMB. Tater-tots are the bomb. 100/10 would order all the time.

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