Excellent Weather and Getting Good

So Monterey has turned into Southern California for the week. The weather is wonderfully warm, and guess who’s the sucker who has to stay inside all week?? Yours truly has class and six hours of work Mondays and Wednesdays, radio shows and classes on Tuesday, and three classes on Thursday. I seriously want to go to the beach, but there will be other warm days in the future, hopefully. I’ll do my office hours outside, though.

GUYS I AM SLIGHTLY LESS BAD AT GAMES!! Last Friday I was playing Overwatch with a full team of friends (I’m the proud token female of the group, not that anyone cares but I think it’s really cool). At this point I’m a D.Va main, simply by virtue of playing her the most. I still don’t have cool skins though 😦 ANYway, the other day, I was playing really well, and quite unexpectedly got TWO PLAY OF THE GAMES IN A ROW!! I’ve never gotten a POTG in my whole time I’ve been trying, but I was so excited. And I was really happy with the plays too, it wasn’t just like “no one played well but you sucked the least” kind of thing. So yeah, I’m finally getting up there in the world!

I AM PLUGGING NOW! In other news, G10 posted a GMOD Murder video yesterday, and he’ll be putting up another video today. I think I may have missed the last few, so here’s a list from the last 5 days;

Overwatch #1-10 Funny Moments

Mass Effect: Andromeda #2: Golden Worlds?

Outlast 2 #1; Roommate Scares the H*ll Out of Me

GMOD Murder: Don’t Trust Anyone!

Overwatch #11: Beating Uprising on Legendary!

Unhappy Otter
When it’s so nice outside but you have to work #rescueme

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