Long Nights Out and Too Much Sun

So my parents were out last night for a family birthday, and one of them has a really bad hangover headache. EDIT: I was informed that the person in question may not take kindly to such a post. Therefore, I apologize, and would like to also state that I love my parents a lot 🙂

I have been back for a week now, and apparently Monterey conditioned me for cold weather. 80 degrees feels like death to me. I used to think it was the perfect warmth. Thank god for cold showers.

I worked at a bakery yesterday! It’s called Bump City, and it’s in Petaluma. The name is an old nickname for Oakland, where the owner started her business. Emily is really cool, and she does a wholesale business Monday through Thursday. The Bakery is open Friday through Sunday. Everything is gluten free, and some things are vegan, but trust me when I say that you cannot tell the difference. Neither Emily not I are gluten free or vegan, but the demand was so high for the style that she eventually switched her whole shop over. Bump City is in American Alley, between Kentucky St and Petaluma Boulevard.

Speaking of bakeries, I’ll be starting Chief Eats on here soon! It’s a review I did for the Otter Realm, and I want to carry it over to here. Now I can review places wherever I want, not just in Monterey! It will be on it’s own tab on the site, so keep a lookout 🙂

THANK YOU to everyone who watched my video!!! I’m so excited and I got some good feedback. G10 has been helping me with editing so I think I will improve soon. Next one will be coming out this week 🙂

Me cooking mashed potatoes last night. Recipe is Alton Browns “mashers.” So good.

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