Prodigious Plugging and Extreme Excitement

So one of my best friends finally realized my influence and started her own blog. And because I am a benevolent overlord, I remember the little people and will invite you all to check out Caffeine and Cleverness.

In all seriousness, Carlee is a very good friend of mine and we have spend many, many hours over bottomless cups of coffee discussing everything from international political systems to boy troubles. She inspired me to consider journalism as a career, and I have never forgiven her. Just kidding.

As of literally ten minutes ago I discovered Thrift Books and my li’l bookworm heart is bursting with joy. I found a collection of Rumi poems and AND the Margaret Atwood collection with my favorite of her works, all for $10. Poetry collections can be ridiculously expensive, so this is amazing. They also have EVERYTHING by my favorite poet, Mary Oliver.

Guys as of today I am not the only one of the general friend group at home! G10 is landing today. Hopefully this means more videos coming soon, my fangirl cat is becoming unbearable.

My lightly toasted dork. Please, G10, save me from her annoyance and make more videos….

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