New Vlogs and Pretty Pictures

I’m back! I got caught in summer doldrums. I’ve had this video edited halfway for about a week now, but I have been so unmotivated and lethargic that I just couldn’t find the energy. I’m not hugely happy with it, but it’s short and sweet. It will be up tonight when YouTube finally uploads.

I also have a new idea for future blogs. I want to do very quick videos recapping Classic Doctor Who episodes. I’ll hopefully do the new season as it comes out, but the goal is to make a video for every Classic episode or couple of episodes. We’ll see how they turn out, and if I like them I’ll do other shows as well!

I went out to the coast a few days this week, so I will putting the pictures I took up on Photography. There are also cute animal pictures going up, so there’s that too!

I will also post a new favorites post/video this week (hopefully). Thank you to everyone who have viewed the site in the past week, I love you all 🙂

LDR Hearts
This video is Long Distance Relationship discussion, and this was an icon I didn’t use

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