Pura Vida Rep, at your service!

Ok this is twice in a day now, I’m making up for my absence!

I got approved as a rep for Pura Vida Bracelets. They have bracelets (obviously), rings, clothing, and accessories. All of their products go to full-time pay for the women who make them, and most of the items have a donation attached, each to different organizations. My code is KELLYGALTEN20, and if it’s entered at check out, you get a discount and you support a journalism student (bless you). I am also putting that code on Letters to the Editor and Byline so that it’s easy to find!

I have 6 bracelets to my name, which I enumerated in an earlier post. However, I’ll just list the causes associated with them again: Depression, Anxiety, Migraine, and Domestic Assault awareness. I also have 2 bracelets that don’t have a cause, and a wave ring that is perfect for Monterey!

I know this propaganda thing is often annoying and all, and I generally dislike seeing it. But I would not inflict this on you wonderful people if I didn’t think it was a truly good cause. So thank you for your patience!! You are now free to move about the internet.

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