Heat waves and Hiking adventures

So depending on where you are reading this from, you may or may not have noticed the heat wave rolling across Planet Earth. I like cold weather, I like warm weather, I like moderately hot (85 degrees or so) but HOT weather is terrible. Living in Monterey, where it’ s pretty much always in the 60’s, has caused me to reduce to a puddle when faced with heat. My poor cat, who has medium length hair, has not left the cool kitchen floor in days. My town has broken triple digits this week. I hate everything.

Anyway, to escape the heat, my boyfriend and I went out nearer to the coast the other day and hiked! Well it was more of a walk/hike, but we ended up doing about 8.5 miles all told. My feet, which for about two years (due to various reasons) had known nothing but flip-flops and converse, decidedly hated to be reintroduced to running shoes.

I am still editing videos, but I’ve hit a snag so it will take a little longer than I thought. THEY ARE COMING, however.

G10 has a bunch of new videos, so please go watch them: A bunch of Outlast 2 videos, a Gary’s Mod video and on Cards Against Humanity (online), the last two featuring yours truly. Give the kid some love 🙂

I caught Fluffbutt trying to jump onto the table. This is an accurate representation of me hiding from my responsibilities.

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