Video Ideas and Big Promos

Alright, I have some big news. About a month ago, Gio and I were just sitting around together and bouncing ideas off each other. Gio suddenly had an epiphany; we should create a Discord Server of all our friends who create content! We could have a community of nerds to help each other with ideas and problems. He quickly got to work on this, and I decided, if we do this, we are going to need a way to promote each other, too.

Thus, we came up with Content Creator’s Haven. Gio runs the Discord Server, and I edit the website. But the really impressive part is how much all of us have already done for each other. There are ten of us currently on the website (two pages as yet unpublished), and we have used the Discord Server to ask for help with editing, discuss ideas, get feedback, and generally support each other. Our website is a launching platform, somewhere we can direct people to see everything we do. So please, help some friends out, and give it a look? We all have different niches, and all our content is linked, so find something that you like and go check it out! Even better, drop us a line on our contact page 🙂

Now, a quick update on myself (I know, but it’s my blog).

Where has 2018 gone? It’s already March! I’ve given up on saying “No, really, I’ll post every week!” because that’s frankly a lot of stress that I don’t need. But I did just update Photography, and I have several videos in the works. I am setting up a Twitch stream (though it will require significant hardware upgrades) and I’m actually progressing in plans for next year. Out into the big, scary world go I.

Mary (Pen Meets Paper, go check her out!) watched my most recent Super Cool Things List and suggested that I start a monthly Favorite Books List. Not only will this give me a chance to talk solely about books I love, it’s monthly and therefore very forgiving. Of course, it’s also an excuse to buy more books….

Icon 2
The working icon for CCH, I promise it’ll get prettier!

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