Lots of Stress and Big Productions

Okay so I know I’ve been pretty absent. Last semester stress is really catching up with me, plus I’ve been in rehearsals for this year’s Mending Monologues. It’s been a hell of a month and a half, but things are hopefully about to slow down, I really, really hope.

I’m finishing up work on my capstone project in the next week or so. Capstone is the huge senior project that everyone has to do; it can be a 20-page research essay, an internship, or a creative project. Each section of the capstone class has a different theme. My section is titled “The Year 2050,” so we’re looking at how the world will have to (or fail to) adapt to pretty much every area. Our projects have to relate to the theme of our section and our major. I’m writing four short stories about journalists in the far future. I’ll be posting them here, and there will also be a link on Content Creators.

Mending Monologues performed over this past weekend! It was a great cast, we had a lot of fun and helped each other through a lot. This year Melissa joined us, and I could not be more proud of her for getting on stage to tell her story. Not everyone can speak in public, let alone on a stage, and about such personal things. She rocks!

My campus is in full bloom right now, as we’ve been having rain followed by very sunny days. It’s really beautiful to drive across the campus now. Pictures will becoming to a Photography page near you!

I have been streaming a little, but I still need those hardware upgrades. I know I haven’t put out any videos, but I am still working on a few at a time!

Post 4-10
Some striking flowers outside the library. I love spring.

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